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Welcome To Dora's Bags

Hi, thank you for stopping by. 

You came to this site because you too are concerned about the waste of plastic bags.  Now you can do something about it, and look good at the same time.  When you purchase a Dora�s Bag you are making a statement that you care about saving our environment and the future for OUR CHILDREN.   By using Dora's reusable, washable grocery bags you are taking a stand that this waste of plastic cannot continue.  Did you know that as one family, you can help to reduce the use of paper and plastic bags by as many as 700 � 1,000 bags per year by just using your Dora�s Bags in the supermarket?  Now imagine how many you could save when you start bringing them to all the other stores you shop in?

The use of reusable bags is just beginning.  As more people become aware of the tremendous waste of plastic more and more will join the fight.  Entire cities have waged their own wars already by banning the use of plastic bags.  Los Angeles and San Francisco have already banned the use of plastic bags, and it is a matter of time before many other states and cities see the light.  Even in New York City, all stores MUST have a recycling bin for the plastic bags in their stores starting 2009.  I have started my own war against plastic by creating Dora�s Bags, and hopefully I can make it fun at the same time.  Please join the fight.  If there is anything I can do, any styles you want and do not see please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Remember you don�t have to use the bags just in the supermarket!  There are lots of other stores that use plastic, if you think about it, plastic is everywhere.     Keep one or two in your pocketbook.  They fold up easily, and are WASHABLE.  You can use them over and over again.  They come out of the dryer looking brand new.  Thank you again, Dora

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